Your Photographer

Life, Camera, Coffee

I was recently relaxing on the couch, sipping some iced coffee. My husband was fiddling around in the kitchen, probably cleaning up a mess I made earlier that day.  I was holding our new baby, watching as his eyes darted around, unable to decide what to focus on, me or the dog. I could hear the sounds of our daughter upstairs in her room. She was most likely dancing around in one of her princess dresses and was singing to herself. I was taking it all in and thinking about how lucky I am. I have everything I have ever wanted.

Being off work on maternity leave with my son, I was spending my days taking pictures of my new cutie. That’s when I decided I wanted to get back into photography and writing. They are two things I have always loved. They are what I studied in school and what planned to do with my life professionally. I was working on building a portfolio during college, shooting weddings and lifestyle photos. Of course, life does not always go as planned after college ends.

Now, I look at my life and I am in the best place emotionally and mentally than I have ever been. I am married to my best friend and absolute love of my life. We have two amazing kids. I love my family more than life and I have never been happier. What better time to start, also doing something I love. So, I grabbed some Starbucks, got on the computer, and got to work on editing and setting up a photography site.

I hope you enjoy the images I capture and check in from time to time to see what I have going on!

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