Before Your Shoot

What to Wear in Family Photos

When it’s time to get pictures taken the first thing most people think about is what to wear. Of course you want your outfit to look good, you’ll be looking at these images for years to come! Below are some tips for planning attire for your family photos.

Coordinating Colors

While I think the family pictures of everyone in matching Christmas pjs are adorable, you do not necessarily want to match in your family photos that will be hanging in your walls for the next few years. You want to pick a color scheme and mix it up between the members of the family.

Color Scheme

When thinking about your coordinating colors and picking out the scheme, look around your house. If you plan to have these hanging on your walls and you decorate in neutral colors you probably won’t want everyone wearing neon colors in the photos. Pick colors that will compliment your current decor.

No Characters or Logos

Your son loves Toy Story or maybe your daughter is obsessed with Cinderella and all they want to wear are shirts plastered with their images. I completely get that…kids. But I recommend leaving those in the closet for your shoot. Also, any shirts with logos. Unless your going for a sports theme, leave the jerseys at home as well.

Limit Patterns and Prints

I love throwing in an outfit that has a pattern or print to mix it up. If you want to add something, throw in a cute dress with floral print on little sister or mom. However, you don’t want this for everyone or it’s going to become distracting. One thing I tell almost everyone is leave the stripes for the kids. I don’t recommend it for the adults as it is not always flattering. If you are going to use an outfit with strips I would go with thick lines rather than thin.

Accessories are Great

Don’t be afraid to use accessories! In fall add a scarf or jacket to create texture. In the summer you might want to throw in a big sun hat for mom. You can use them as a prop as well for kids to hide behind. Or maybe a tie for dad. Adding layers will add depth and character to your images.

Above all else, make sure you’re comfortable and feel good in your outfit! If you’re uncomfortable and not 100% happy with how you look, you won’t enjoy yourself and your session should be fun! Check out Pinterest for more ideas!

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