Your Photographer

The Most Amazing Dad I Know

I will always remember the day you became a dad.

It wasn’t when a pregnancy test was positive or when we were holding hands in the delivery room. It was in a field, leaving an outdoor movie, and a little girl reached for your hand. You were single, with no kids, and had no reason to take on the life I had to offer you. The life of an instant dad. But you did, without any hesitation. You took her hand and became the dad a little girl needed.

Seeing you with her made me fall for you even harder. You were what we had been missing. I knew we had found our home. I will never forget the night we were putting her to bed and she asked you if she could call you Daddy. The look on your face when she asked, the look on her’s when you said yes, are images I will always remember. It will always be one of my favorite memories.

Before we knew it we we were married and officially a family. We couldn’t wait to make our family of three a family of four, but life had other plans. Through all the tears and struggles, you never gave up on me, on us, or the hope of eventually hearing a little heart beat.

Now, as I’m writing these words our son is next to me asleep. When he was born and I handed him to you for the first time, I fell in love with you all over again. You dove into life with a newborn head first, just like you dove in head first with Miley. You were born to be a dad.

You’re the fun parent. The one that throws Miley in the pool and races her to the other side. The one that makes the funniest noises and makes Conrad laugh his silly baby laugh.

You’re our hero. You kill all the spiders and creepy crawlers that wander into the house.

You wake up early and make us breakfast, so I can sleep in after a long night. I won’t even try to pretend that my scrambled eggs come close to yours.

You’re Dad jokes are on point. You make us laugh all the time.

You try to teach Miley to play t-ball and soccer. Even though her athletic ability is just as bad as mine.

When no one seems to hear me, including the dog, you use that sexy, thundering dad voice and bring order back to the house.

You sit up for hours with the baby on your chest because he’s having a bad night.

You worry about our kids’ futures and you try your best to prepare them for everything they will have to face.

You come home after long days at work and go right back to work taking care of things around the house because you want to give us all you have to give.

You’re a super hot dad. No one has ever made pushing a stroller look so good.

You make me a better person and a better mother. When the struggle is real and mom guilt has me a total wreck, you bring me back from the ledge I am on and bring me back to reality.

Your can opening skills are pretty macho. You are our Macho Man.

You remind me every day that I’m more than just a mom and that you still see me as me. You make me feel beautiful even when I am covered in baby spit and a total mess.

You’re the foundation of our family. You are what makes us whole and keeps us safe.

Seeing you with our children makes me happier than I could have ever imagined.

There will never be words to truly capture how I feel about you. You are an amazing man and husband. You are an even more amazing dad. I could not think of a better example for Miley of how a man should treat her. Or a better role model for Conrad, of what kind of man he should strive to be. The three of us are so lucky to have you and to call you ours.

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