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Thank You, Rachel Hollis

First, if you haven’t heard of Rachel Hollis, please put down your phone or whatever device you are reading this on and go get Girl, Wash Your Face! It is absolutely fantastic. She is so refreshing and real. I actually listened to her book on Audible for the first time. It was like listening to a conversation with an old friend.

She is so honest about her life and where she came from. She touches on sensitive topics most people tend to shy away from sharing. She talks about her family and the struggles she faced growing up. The tragedy of losing her brother to suicide. She gushes over her husband and how much she loves him. But she isn’t afraid to be honest about their not so happy start as a couple. She tells you how she made it to where she is today. She created the life she wanted as a kid and doesn’t apologize for going after her dreams.

Which leads to her latest book, Girl, Stop Apologizing. The book focuses on encouraging women to define their goals and dreams and gives them the foundation to help go after them. She touches on the excuses we tend to make when confronted with actually pursuing those goals and dreams. She explains how she accomplished the life she has created and the steps you can take to make your goals a reality.

No matter what your dream or goal might be: starting a business, losing weight, learning a new language; I guarantee this book will help give you the motivation you need.

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