Before Your Shoot

Preparing for Newborn Photos

Newborn pictures are so much fun! You spent 9 months waiting for your little bundle of joy to make their debut and you can’t wait to show off all that cuteness. Here are some tips when planning your newborn shoot.

Let your photographer know ahead of time that you will be wanting pictures taken. Let them know your expected due date and keep them in the loop on any changes and when baby gets here. This way they can make sure they leave space for your shoot, as timing is important for these sessions.

The best time to schedule your newborn session is when your baby is between 5-10 days old. At this point they are still taking long, deep naps and can be moved and posed with ease. After that they become more alert and the typical, sleeping newborn styling becomes virtually impossible. If your baby is on a schedule it’s best to try to plan the session around their nap time. Make sure the baby has been feed and changed so they are settled before shooting.

Be sure to bring whatever props you want used in the photos. Talk about it with your photographer beforehand and let them know what ideas you have, if any. If you do not have any ideas ask the photographer, we always have something new we want to try.

A great option is to do the pictures in your own home. You will be comfortable and have anything the baby may need on hand. You can get pictures in their new nursery and don’t have to worry about leaving the house if the weather is bad. Plus, you will likely be more comfortable at home as well.

Be sure to turn up the temperature slightly before the shoot. Babies love to be warm and since they will likely be undressed for some pictures, you don’t want them getting cold. Having it warm will keep the baby comfortable and more likely to stay asleep.

About 15 minutes before the shoot be sure to loosen baby’s diaper and remove any tight clothing. You don’t want the indents in baby’s skin from a tight diaper showing up in your images.

Be ready to join in the pictures. Even if you aren’t feeling the best about having pictures taken yourself, you might change your mind when the time comes. Even if you just get some pictures of your hands with little one. Think about getting siblings and pets involved as well. They are sure to be just excited about the new baby and they will be fun pictures to share when your child is older. 

Remember that the poses popular in these newborn shoots—babies on their tummies, or nestled in cozy blankets—are not actually safe for sleep. These props and positions are just for the photo.

If you can’t swing setting up a shoot in the first 5-10 days, don’t stress. You can still get adorable pictures of your little one!

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