Your Photographer

But I Think I love Fall Most of All….

Ok, I am that girl. The girl that cannot wait for September. I am the girl that grabs a pumpkin coffee as soon as possible. I want to visit the pumpkin patch and pick apples. Boots with oversized sweaters are my absolute favorite outfit. I cannot wait to break out my autumn decorations and candles. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love apple cider and pumpkin donuts.

I. Love. Fall.

I really cannot stress this enough to everyone. It’s by far the best season. Ok, I realize not everyone shares that opinion. But if I could live in a world where it’s always October I would be completely fine with that.

Last year when my husband and I announced we were expecting we used pumpkins as our announcement. Gender reveal? A pumpkin painted blue and a Jack-O-Lantern with blue smoke. Yep. I am that girl.


So, obviously I couldn’t wait to take my little guy out for his first fall photos. I had already gotten some of his sister for her birthday and now it was his turn. I got some great photos of him and managed to talk my husband into some family pictures!

Y’all is not a term I ever use…but….

Happy Fall Y’all!!!

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