Your Photographer, Your Shoot

Miley turned 8

I truly cannot find the words to really express the feeling I get when I look at these pictures. Every year I make my daughter deal with me asking her to pose for pictures. She has been my little model since the day she was born. I love looking back at all the pictures of her and seeing how much she has grown and changed. This year it hit me more than usual. Maybe because this year her little brother is now here to really make me realize how much she has grown and isn’t a baby any longer. I look at her now and see this beautiful young lady in the place of the little baby I used to sing to sleep. Her face has thinned out and her chubby cheeks are fading. She asks for dresses and heels in the place of stuffed animals and toys. She tells me about her day and makes jokes that I honestly laugh at now. She is growing up into a intelligent and kind young lady and I couldn’t be more proud to be her mom.